Moving your blockchain to a new volume

Note that if your blockchain was previously corrupted because of insufficient space, you will have to reindex it
using zend -reindex or bootstrap from another node.


Go to


Select the server that you want to add a volume to.
Go to "VOLUMES" and create a new volume with as much space as you need, call it "chain" and set it to "Manual" (25GB should be enough for the blockchain)

Important! Make sure to choose a unique name for the volume, if you plan on creating multiple. E.g. "chain1", "chain2", "chain3" and so on.
Do not execute the displayed commands yet!

Adding Volume
If you closed the command-window by accident, check the images at the bottom.
It's important that you stop ZEND before continuing.
sudo systemctl stop zend && zen-cli stop
^^^ Important!
(If it says "couldn't connect to server", ignore it)

Fill out the form to display the rest of the tutorial!

Important! If you ever choose to use zend -reindex, you might have to redo this tutorial.
Check with ls -la ~/.zen/ if it's still linked. Something like "blocks -> /mnt/chain/blocks" means it's still set up correctly.

Resize Volume

If you resized your volume, simply run
sudo resize2fs [filesystem]
To find the correct file system, use df -h and look for a row containing /mnt/chain. Use the first "/dev/..." part for the resize2fs command.
Example: sudo resize2fs /dev/sdb

Display Configuration

Go to the "Volumes" tab of the project
Show Config Menu